T1/E1 PRI ISDN Standard Compliant Software
(NA ISDN-2, 5ESS, 4ESS, DMS-100 and Euro-ISDN PRI source code)

NComm’s Primary Rate Integrated Services Digital Network (T1/E1 PRI ISDN & Euro PRI ISDN) protocol stacks brings the same flexibility and portability found in all NComm’s Trunk Management Software offerings. These state of the art offerings are architected for integration with both NComm’s T1 and E1 TMS, and other T1/E1 implementations. NComm’s T1/E1 PRI ISDN software stacks provide the layer 2 Q.921 and layer 3 Q.931 D channel signaling required for T1/E1 PRI network interfaces. All switch types are immediately available inlcuding NISDN-2, 5ESS, 4ESS, DMS100 and Euro-ISDN for both User- and Network-Side PRI. As with all NComm TMS offerings, the T1/E1 PRI ISDN software packages include easy to use APIs for all communications between the package and other parts of the customers system. Clear design guidelines are included for various system design choices and hardware architectures yielding both very fast project completion while maximizing engineering flexibility.

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General PRI ISDN Software Overview

NComm’s Primary Rate ISDN package provides a complete and completed software solution for the implementation of NI-2, 5ESS, 4ESS, DMS100 and Euro-ISDN PRI ISDN on the User (Customer Premise Equipment) and Network side of the network. It meets SR-NWT-002343 (Issue 1, June 1993) with regard to all overhead functions establishing and controlling circuit and packet mode PRI. Not including in this implementation are packet protocols used within the data channels (e.g. X.25), V.110/V.120 rate adaptation and related dedicated services.

Layer 1 Description

For Layer 1 implementation, NComm offers its well known T1and E1 Trunk Management software (TMS) for a complete T1 PRI ISDN solution.
TMS is complete in providing full standard compliant T1/E1 including alarms, performance monitoring/maintneance, threshold crossing alerts and data links all of which conform to required standards. The software is RTOS, processor and framer independent, and pre-integrates with the Layer 2/3 software. Linux ports are immediately available.

PRI ISDN Features & Benefits

  • NComm's PRI ISDN software accommodates a wide variety of hardware configurations
  • D channel signaling may be run on selected DS0 channels of any T1 or E1 span
  • Works with any Real Time Operating
    System including Linux, and processors including multiprocessor environments
  • The package provides a complete implementation of LAP-D and well defined APIs that greatly reduce the inherent complexity of a PRI ISDN implementation
  • Produces a complete, standard compliant PRI Network- or User-Side interface
  • All source code provided is ANSI-C making any required or desired customizations easy to complete
  • Accommodates a wide variety of hardware configurations
  • NComm’s PRI ISDN is pre-integrated with NComm’s T1/E1 TMS even further reducing project engineering time.

PRI ISDN Layer 2 Description

The PRI ISDN sotware complies with recommendation Q.921, the Layer 2 software module implements Link Access Procedures for D-Channel (LapD).

PRI ISDN Layer 3 Description

NComm’s PRI ISDN Q.931 Layer 3 module software implements the Protocol Control portions of the layer 3 as defined in the Q.931 recommendation and ETSI EN 300 403. The Call Control software module, one of the Layer 3 Protocol Modules, implements B-Channel management and Q.931 message and information element parsing and validation for National ISDN-2 and Euro-ISDN switch types. Multiple PRI circuits can run and be controlled with a single NComm PRI ISDN stack.

HDLC Driver

An HDLC driver is included with the package.

Download the Primary Rate ISDN TMS datasheet


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