Ethernet is beginning to join or even take the place of traditional wide-area networking (WAN) technologies while, at the same time, WAN technologies are being applied to LAN applications to increase the reach of what were once simple, distance-limited local networks.

Why Ethernet OAM?

Carrier networks are known for their sophisticated and effective management capabilities. They have long set a high standard for reliability, availability, fast fail over and recovery in order to ensure that service level agreements made by providers with their customers can be met.

One of the greatest challenges facing service providers as they deploy Ethernet-based solutions in WAN environments lies in achieving the same level of operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAM&P) support that users are accustomed to receiving with traditional carrier networks. More directly, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) attached to specific services need to be met without regard to the underlying technologies used to provide them. Ethernet OAM is one set of the capabilities needed to meet these SLAs.


NComm's Ethernet OAM Suites - The 100% Solution

NComm's Ethernet OAM software provides a true 100% solution. Each package provides 100% of the functionality required and expected by carriers, service providers and end users, and it is 100% standards compliant. That's guaranteed!

NComm's implementation of Ethernet OAM maintains a clean delineation with the value added capabilities of your design. This insures portability and ease of problem isolation.


Features & Benefits

  • ANSI C Source

  • Easy to use APIs

  • RTOS and Processor Independent

  • Instant Standard Compliance

  • Pre-ported to Linux

  • MIB support
  • Up and running in days or even hours

  • Sample application included

  • Field proven by multiple customers

  • Software deployed worldwide


Need more information?

Check out our video OR our white papers

NComm created TMS functionality from a product developer's point of view. With NComm TMS™ software, all required standards are fully met whether implemented.The following depicts NComm's Ethernet OAM package in a Linux environment:


Ethernet OAM Linux

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