Jumpstart! - Get TMS running in 5 Days – Guaranteed

Customers that meet certain criteria have the option to pay NComm to bring up the TMS software on their hardware. Under this program, NComm guarantees that the licensed TMS will be up and running a fully functional, fully standards compliant interface for the technologies licensed in 5 days or less per technology. At the end of the program, the customer will have a ported version of NComm's Jumpstart! application program, customized to the customer’s platform, running the TMS API and chip driver if applicable. The customized application can then be used to create the final higher level control system. The program is only available to customers that license TMS and use drivers that NComm has developed.

JumpStart! gives you

  • A ported version of NComm's Jumpstart! application, customized to your platform
  • Driver customizations for the NComm provided driver for the platform if applicable
  • Demonstration of one agreed upon configuration using NComm's test equipment

What JumpStart! needs from you

  • A single processor platform
  • An NComm-supported operating system on the processor that runs TMS (a pre-port)
  • If applicable, hardware that is debugged so that the processor can:
    • Read/write the registers of all framers
    • Exercise the interrupts from the device, if applicable
    • All external signals to the device must be present and working

Please call NComm for further details including cost and terms of the guarantee.

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